This secondary characters on this list need to be updated, but other than that, it's all good.


The center of all that is SUPEROSITY, Chris is in his early twenties and he currently works as a web site designer at Cool-Ass Internet in Super City, California. He has an attention span as short as his heart is full of love and various other good feelings. Also, he's not that bright. He wears a cape and brightly-colored costume for no apparent reason.

Bobby considers himself to be smarter than anyone else on Earth, and he would likely plan our demise if he heard we used the words "considers himself to be" instead of "is" in this sentence. He's Chris' younger brother, and he attends Super City Junior High. He also wears a cape and costume for no apparent reason.

A super-intelligent, board-shaped creature who has no memory of where he came from or what he is, so he's frequently frustrated. A younger Chris was the first person he remembers meeting, and they have stayed together ever since. Thanks to his time travel devices, Boardy has access to all kinds of technology from the future, and is frequently influenced by those around him to use it for things that don't seem to be the best usage.

Chris's One True Love. She works as a lawyer for Cool-Ass Internet and is the younger sister of Brock, a co-worker of Chris at Cool-Ass. She's also kind of nutty, and slightly mysterious.

Chris' cocker spaniel dog, Giz is always trying to please his owner (not because he's a suck-up, but because it's the nice thing to do). Chris originally named him "Gizmo" after the main character of one of his favorite movies at the time, but he later shortened it to "Giz" because it's easier to remember (and because he was somewhat frightened that trademark laws might apply to names of pets).

Even though he's over one hundred years of age, Snap is a turtle with a preference for the "punk" fashion style made popular in some movies during the 1980s (and in real life, apparently). He's never heard punk music before. He has no ambition whatsoever, but good luck tends to fall into his lap.

An unknown breed of feline, Mask hopes to one day become the favorite pet of his owner, Chris. But that's not likely.

A Circle Z mini-mart employee who lives in the apartment down the hall. Though he and Chris have been good friends since Junior High School, he now only hangs around him to mooch off of his riches. Barton is fairly indifferent to everything, and has very modest hopes and dreams. He owns Snap, and regrets the purchase every day.

Though until recently he only used binary numbers to communicate, this computer programmer now uses most of the letters in the English alphabet to talk with Chris and his other Cool-Ass Internet co-workers. He's good-natured, and is the ultimate geek.

As Cool-Ass Internet's New Technology Developer, Lester Wiffle spends his time... developing new technologies. A computer that runs entirely on ketchup filled with electricity is one of his favorites.

He's the man who designed and uploaded the third web page on the internet -- EVER! Now he spends his time lounging around Cool-Ass Internet, regailing young people with his electrifying tale of being a net pioneer, and collecting gigantic checks for just being him. He drinks a whole lot.

A billionaire before he was 18, Lionel Richman now controls the fate of Cool-Ass Internet with a soft, cushioned fist. He likes to think that things are "on the cusp." He's responsible for hiring Chris.

The spawn of Cool-Ass Internet founder Lionel Richman, Moneybags is an apathetic, depressed rich boy who Chris babysits when his nanny is away.


Previously the most popular girl at Super City Junior High, she's now only the second-most popular girl at Super City Junior High.

The current most popular girl at Super City Junior High, thanks to the help of Bobby.

He's Bobby's best friend. He has no real will of his own. He enjoys food in moderation, and he doesn't like homework as much as some people do.

Alan is facinated with space travel, and considers himself honored to be a friend of Bobby.

Terrence is the star of TV's "Blackie's Crib," which describes itself in press materials as "the world's first hip-hop sitcom for a young urban audience between the ages of 12 and 13." He is one of Snap's co-stars in "W6: Childish Crazy Judo Weasels 6: Weasels in London."

Corey was once the star of intelligent movie-going fare like "The Goonies" and "Dream a Little Dream," but in the early 1990s his career fell on hard times, and he starred in putrid crap like "Lipstick Camera" and "Dream a Little Dream Part 2." He is one of Snap's co-stars in "W6: Childish Crazy Judo Weasels 6: Weasels in London."

Three musical brothers, who in around 1997 had a hit with "MMMbop" and related other pop song confectionaries. They were discovered to have omnipotent powers by Bobby (who later joined their band for a short period, which was renamed "Hanson Plus One"), which they received mysteriously at birth.

MTV VJ Dave Holmes interviewed Hanson Plus One on MTV's "Total Request Live." Dave came in second place in MTV's first "Wanna Be A VJ" contest (Jesse Camp, who's now a "rock star," came in first place). He was hired anyway.