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"Superosity is goofy brilliance. At times the drawings alone crack me up. Surreal and engaging."
Tatsuya Ishida

"i found one of the funniest comic strips ever. my thoughts after reading were "i suck, bad. no, really, i suck monsterous amounts of a$$...etc." you get the idea. so much like my dreams its scary"

"Your strips are hilarious and your design is brilliant."
Jennifer Adam
Network Development, Inc.

"We used to read Superosity religiously. When he [Gabe] still lived here, we'd gather around the PC after one of us got off work.  It was almost family time! We were actually quite jealous of your skillz, for a period."
Penny Arcade

"Great strip, I mean really, really great. The first thing I do when I log on is go read it."
Jack Hammond

"There's nothing we can say about SUPEROSITY that hasn't been said dozens of times already, so go check it out and let it speak for itself. Chris Crosby is going places... Places we'll only ever see pictures of."
Scott Kuehner and Amanda Kuehner
Look What I Brought Home!

"Since the premature retirement of such great strips as "Calvin and Hobbes," "The Far Side," and "Bloom County," many readers have rightfully lamented the lack of funny cartoons in the newspaper. Well, forget the newspaper--online is the way to go. Superosity is a seriously strange comic strip from creator Chris Crosby. It chronicles the adventures of an idiotic Web site designer, his cocker spaniel dog, his scheming teen idol brother, his superintelligent sentient board-shaped creature, and an alternate future version of Brian "Kato" Kaelin. Really."
Glenn McDonald
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"I enjoy your strip."
Paul Harman

"Long time reader.  Like the comic very much and congrats on your rank of 91 [on the American Association of Comic Art Top 100 Comics of All-Time list]!"
Jeremy Vyska

"I love Superosity, read it every day. Keep up the good work."
Larry Trammell

"I just thought that I'd bring the attention of the masses to the fact that Chris Crosby's Superosity is the best online comic. Ever. I'm not saying this because Chris is paying me to and I'm not saying it because I like slightly paunchy men who wear green pajamas and orange capes. Wait a minute, yes I am. Rock on, Chris! Sleep tight tonight knowing that the masses have been informed."

"hell0. just a new fan writing to let you know how much i think of your comic. i have now read every one of the strips, and i would have to take that comment on your "nice things said" page another step further.  i can't think of any strip published in newspapers with more entertainment value than Superosity has.  Superosity takes chances and pays off.  the characters are loveable (even Bobby, in his way), and the jokes are right-on.  i will definitely be checking back in for new installments on a very regular basis.  i will also be clicking banner ads, regardless of whether i'm actually interested in them, just to support your work. you are a more than welcome talent on the net.  you stand out easily as a worthwhile stop among so many web mediocrities.  thank you for doing what you do. p.s.  Chris is as loveable a buffoon as Homer Simpson, and Superosity provides more laughs than the Simpsons has in a couple of years..."
Andy Heitmann

"I have no idea what makes this thing so freaking hilarious."

"Superosity rules! I'm going to add it to my list of all the web comics I read religiously."

"I stumbled upon SUPEROSITY sometime last year.  You do nice work, sir.  Funny stuff." 
Aint It Cool News

"The company's [Keenspot] made up of some very talented people [including Chris Crosby], and we're excited to work with them."
George Collins

"Viewing my daily dose of Superosity gives me a warm fuzzy feeling... I hope your very proud of your creative way of story-telling. Well done Chris! Just though I'd send you a note since I like your strip so much!"

"Superosity kicks considerable ass."
Jeremy (Plus a constant)

"Great comic, man.  I'm kind of an aspiring cartoonist myself, but you're one of the few cartoonists I actually think of as a great artist (Darby Conley being the other)."

"My friend Corey told me that when he sent me the first Superosity strip, I had best be prepared for an all out laugh riot. I stayed up reading the Superosity Strips all night long. I have never laughed so hard in all my life, even when I heard the poem about the guy that bought 200 Monkey's for a nickle each. Every single story line is awesome, and each one made me laugh so much, it hurt. In fact, I went from a potbelly to washboard abs just by reading Superosity daily. Mayhaps the comic strip could market itself as a surefire way to tighten people's tummys!"
Risque Mojo

"Oh my god. This is honestly the funniest comic I've ever read in my life, and i've read em all. I've been going through the archives today just laughing my ass off man. I can't even remember if a comic has made me laugh this much before. I just wanted to write to say you're doin a damn good job and keep it up. I even got the screen name Slambo Asscrap!!!! lol thanks so much for creating such an insane comic, it gives me a good laugh everyday. I just got my brother to start readin it too. So far he loves it. You have the kind of sense of humor that's rare and funny as all hell. I love Superosity."
Todd Killick

"Funny! Funny! This is how funny a comic strip should be! This is the funniest thing I've ever encountered. Even when I'm pissed off at Jeanette, it still makes me laugh."
Carl the Rake

"Like good comics? Superosity is simply amazing, full color strip every single freakin' day, and hilarious to boot."

"I never used to read webcomics, I preferred the paper.  But Superosity has won me over, and I read it everyday.  Keep up the excellent work, you're quite a comedian (and artist)."
Alex Kriss
Atypical Interactive

"Being a cartoonist, I read comics differently than other people. I end up absorbing them or analyzing them. Does that make sense? I can't get past the craft sometimes. I'm too busy saying "I wish I had thought of that." or "I like the way he draws hands." Superosity is the only strip (including newspaper strips) that I can get lost in. It's the only strip right now that makes me actually laugh out loud. It simply is my favorite strip online."
Scott Kurtz
PvP (Player vs. Player)
(Scott Kurtz posted this on a comic strip-related newsgroup in October 1999. According to a January 23, 2001 interview with him, SUPEROSITY is no longer his favorite online comic strip, though he has yet to choose a replacement favorite.)

"Superosity is AWESOME!"
Teflon Coho

"I like Superosity. I think it's a pretty good strip."

"i've started reading the superiosity archives (That's the way i work. I hear about an online comic, and i read EVERY STRIP) and i actually find it to be very funny. i was laughing my head off reading some of the strips. It's in no way serious...just lunacy. hehe. Good job, Chris!"
Greg Dean
Real Life

"Ok, this is one wild and wacky strip! Chris Crosby, the artist who draws Superosity, has created a cast of characters that are so hilariously goofy looking that you will begin to laugh even before you have read the first words in the strip! Chris has got to be one of the hardest working fellows in the online comic strip business! There is nothing this guy won't do to promote his site, and all his hard work is paying off! In addition to his daily comic strip (always in full color), Chris' site also includes a lot of other cool things to check out. His recent animated short, PARKEMON, is a great example of the comedic surprises Chris will spring on you from time to time! Chris' great sense of humor combined with his remarkably fun style of drawing make Superosity one of the Internet's best online comic strips! This site is not to missed!"
Chris Jackson
Toonhound, Six To Six

"What I've seen so far shows heaps of promise and talent."
J.D. "Illiad" Frazer
(in March 1999, after reading the first two weeks of the strip)
User Friendly

"This is my favorite online comic."

"It’s OK for Ryan [Duchane, of Hound's Home fame] to use them, but you try and I’ll…. I’ll… I’ll slap you silly!"
Pete Abrams (referring to my joking comment about having Snap try on a pair of triangle-shaped sunglasses like the kind his character Riff wears)
Sluggy Freelance

"love the Superosity strip by the way. the art work cracks me up. :-)}"
Brian D.

"If you haven't read Superosity yet, I suggest you go there now.  It's easily one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life, and most likely my death as well!"
Ryan Duchane
Hound's Home

"Chris, 'Superosity' is one of my all-time favorites!"
Stan Kost

"I got several high quality chuckles from reading your online comic strip. I really like the line 'Do you know your appendix is missing? You'll need that to breath in outer space.'" [From "Weasels, Teen Idols, and Omnipotence," May 10, 1999 strip.]
Todd McNeely

"Chris, I dig Superosity for it's unique humor, and I get more laughs in a week out of it than I do a good episode of Friends."
Jeffrey Rowland
When I Grow Up

"Dude... this is one of the funniest web comic strips I've EVER read! Right up there with Goats and Red Meat!"
Nate Wyman
The Funky-Assed Site Award

"Infantile but really funny. Good art, too. Grade: 8.5 out of 10."
Peter van Hardenberg
The Sublimelight

"Like the comic."
David Alexander McDonald
Recording Artist (

"Lose the butt out of the alien's mouth....not good for school kids to see, and ya, I know, half the kids starting at 9 up all smoke, but why encourage them?  Otherwise, the strip was cute."
LaDonna Boehle

"So far the strip is really funny funny, except the ones I don't understand."
Hobart J. Paine

"I love Superosity -- it's a great comic."
David Tesler

"Superosity is a very good comic, it's well drawn, but should have better points."
Ole-Christian Rochmann

"I read you strip a lot you do some very funny stuff. Keep up the good work the strip looks great."  
Penny Arcade

"I'm an old fart, retired and all that stuff.  Your strip is really good.  My wife and I love it. How long have you been drawing the strip?  It looks like fun for you as well as your doing it very well. Keep up the good work,  We're here every day."
Frank and Lois Lavigne

"This cartoon came at a great time--I'm trying to put together my first web page actually using HTML.  I am going nuts quickly.  Glad to know that what I have after four hours ( nothing) is at the cutting edge of design!   Good luck becoming  rich, famous and drunk with power."
Katherine Heindel

"I have to be honest with you. After viewing a lot of comics on the net, I wasn't sure about Superosity when I first saw it... But after 5 or 6 strips, damn! It comes second after User Friendly (and that's meant as a BIG compliment)."

"All I wish to say about this strip is that it is a must to read... It's really hilarious... Chris and Bobby only wear their superhero-outfits, complete with cape and all, although they dont have any powers or anything. They just wear them for no apparant reason. Which is fine with me. Especially those of you who hate Hanson, Chris Crosby has actually found a way to sympathize with them. They're evil, and pretty cool in the comic."
A Fool's Words Carry Far

"I am writing to express my bafflement at the consistent goodness of your comic strip, Superosity. It is the web-only comic equivalent to a Chinese restaraunt buffet. My only regret is that the comics were finite in quantity. I don't understand why you can't have an archive with a completely unlimited supply of comics so I could waste even more time at work. Superosity stomps a mudhole in ass. Keep up the great work!
Jeffrey Rowland
When I Grow Up

"I checked out your website -- funny strip."
Chris White
Top5 Productions

"Oh! Enjoying the daily read!"
D. Nick Kask

"Cheers for a great strip."
Benjamin Kerridge

"Different and amusing. Great strip."
Scott Malkin

"Almost no way to describe this one, except it's funny!"
Mark Stanley

"Keep up the good work!"
Peter Zale
Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet

"Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your strip (and hope to continue to do so).  I heard about your strip on ZDTV and started reading this week.  Thanks for the fun."  
Chris Ellegood

"Hello, I have read your newest strip and was wondering if it was in any way supposed to be directed at me.  I would like to post it at my site, I think it's funny as hell.  I have been reading your strip since it came out and love it."
Jeremy Mueller

"Say goodbye to Dilbert... ["Superosity"] just might keep you coming back for more laughs. "
ZDTV's My Favorite Site


"Very nice. I don't get enough time for the comics, and haven't had time to keep up with them on the web, so I discovered that a colored comic is a lot brighter on a computer screen than on Sunday newsprint."
Steve Wozniak
Legendary Co-Founder of Apple Computers and School Teacher

"Classic... can at best be described as brutally funny. I think my favorite strip to date has to be the one dated June 6th, about spotting killer teens.  Cracked me right up, it did!  You've got some funny stuff here, Chris, as good as, if not better than most of what can be found in the newspapers."
Ian McDonald

Bruno The Bandit

"Funny comic strip...I routinely check it for a laugh. I just thought you would like to know your work is being appreciated. The one on the Hanson brothers ["Weasels, Teen Idols, and Omnipotence"] was definitely my favorite."
Jake Knerr

"Very odd strip.....very odd..."
Drea Byrne

Super Goth

"He can travel anywhere in time... visit the dinosaurs, meet Einstein, find out who really shot JFK. So what does he do? He watches star wars ["May 25, 1977"]. Superosity is my favourite comic at the moment, keep up the good work Chris."
Luke McEvoy

"Chris, you're weird...I like it! Just for the record, Superosity is the only strip I read regularly at WebComics."
Ted Dawson


"I stumbled across Superosity a couple of months ago and I have really enjoyed it since."
Amy Moore
Tikaboo Peak

"The Mr. Chuck Show is proud to have its first "repeat" winner. Before Superosity, which was launched back on March 1st of this year, Chris Crosby was the recipient of the May 1998 Top Dog Award for his weekly comic strip Snap, the Punk Turtle. This makes him our first "two-time" winner. (Note: for everyone who covets this award, don't feel cheated that Chris has won twice while you haven't even won once. Truth is, God spoke to me last week while I was eating a Breakfast Sampler at IHOP and told me to pick Chris again, which would in turn help you see that life is often very unfair and unjust, which would in turn ultimately help you grow as a person. God loves you. Now pray that Chris doesn't start a third comic strip). You will like Superosity for the very simple reason that the strip will make you laugh out loud. The humor is often off-beat and the story lines are highly unpredictable. Superosity, which includes many new characters, also happens to include the main cast from the previously mentioned Snap comic as well (YES! the cigarette smoking amphibian lives again!). Here is what Chris has to say about the new strip... "SUPEROSITY is a daily, full color strip chronicling the trials and tribulations of a guy named Chris. He wears a funny-looking costume and cape for no apparent reason. Along with his scientist friend, Boardy, his scheming little brother, Bobby, his Circle Z clerk pal, Barton, his cocker spaniel dog, Giz, and a gaggle of other funny characters too minor to mention, he tries to answer the eternal questions of the human race while still fitting in a lot of quality time watching old ALF videos." If you haven't been to Chris's site yet, start on the guide page. Here you will find links to the beginnings of story lines. My favorite story line is "Marlene's Story" where Bobby agrees to make a girl into the most popular girl in school. My favorite strip is from 3-18-99 (In the "Get a Job" story line). The third panel just had me in tears. I'm laughing again just thinking about it. Anyway, make sure you go to the archive page where you can choose from a weekly or daily format to catch up on the strip. Don't forget to go back every day. Superosity runs seven days a week with a large format strip on Sunday. The strip has been getting funnier by the week. It looks like Chris has really found the strip that he was meant to do. We hope that he is around for a long time. Congratulations, Chris. Now go check out Superosity."
John Myers

Mr. Chuck's Top Dog Award

"This cartoon is really starting to grow on me. I gave today's 5 Stars. Very funny...chewing on eyes like tennis balls. Hehehehe"
J. Northrop

"Chris Crosby's "Superosity" is by far one of the funniest, most ridiculous, gut-reacted humor strips on the Internet. Mr. Crosby turns out a new strip each day, which is an achievement in itself. But beyond that, he provides us with interesting, loveable, dopey, realistic yet imaginative cast members. Mr. Crosby has mastered the hard-to-find art of story-telling on a day-to-day basis. He also manages to avoid using hyphens whenever possible. One cannot help but wonder if he were to run into Mr. Crosby on the street if he would indeed be wearing a superhero costume and cape. But obviously the characters go beyond representation of actual people and have taken on a life and personality of their own. My first clue was the character "Boardy." Here again, Mr. Crosby has achieved what even Disney can only do with hired voice actors: bring life to an inanimate object. He has done this almost effortlessly, and Boardy strangely enough fits in very well with this strange cast of oddballs living in Super City. The art is fun and professional, and Mr. Crosby's writing skills provide excellent dialogue between the cast. While Mr. Crosby's signature is barely legible, this will probably help him on down the line with signing autographs. Kudos to Mr. Crosby on creating an entertaining, growable, intriguing comic strip."
Peter Parker

"I think Boardy is cute."

"Your work is visually great."
Greg Johnson

"Fantastic work, as always. Long live Superosity!"
Steven M. Reardon Jr.

"[Superosity was] an instant hit.  It's very unique--a hard thing to pull on in comics nowadays--and almost always hilarious."
Jeff Darlington
General Protection Fault

"I read Superosity for the first time today, I found it through Goats. I enjoyed your fresh sense of humor very much."
Eric D. Ellis

"I don't comment on the work of other cartoonists, but I wish you the best of luck."
Scott Adams

"I just fell in love with this a few days ago.  It's wonderfully not right.  It may be the best comic ever. It's got guys in it that dress in superhero costumes, but I haven't read all the strips yet, so I'm not quite positive that they're actually in possession of superpowers.  Neat."
Nick Dunn

It's About That Time Again...

"[Superosity is] a strip way up there with Goats and Helen for its brilliantly idiosyncratic vision."
John Allison

Bobbins Online

"The gamesclub has taken a distinct liking to Superosity in the short time we've been running it!"
Jason Maisonet
Concordia University Gamesclub

"Continued success for your superb site."
Howard V. Barton

Web-Star.Com, LLC

"I was just randomly web surfing (a nasty habit I know), when I came across your Website for Superosity and was quite delighted and very amused by your strip."
J. Michael Long

"Hilarious...This is funny stuff."
Bob Cesca
Camp Chaos Entertainment

"Chris, you have a great site! Keep up the good work. The color in your strips is really good, and your artwork is great!"
Thom Tapp
Church of the Covered Dish

"Superosity, since it started, has been one of my must-sees every day."
Thomas K. Dye

"I looooove it! Love it!!!! By far one of the most amazingly funny strips that I have ever read...after reading them I had to run to the bathroom cause I was gonna wet myself laughing. Thanx for all the laughs... Please PLEASE keep it up."
Andrew (Frost) Shepherd

"I loved that call at the end of the cartoon strip a few days ago, "Alf is from Melmac." I was trying to tell other people the joke, but i guess you just had to read work!"
Conrado Gil

"Why did you have to go and do that? You had to go and make a daily strip! Now I'm going to have to read it every single day! By the way, Superosity IS great. You had me laughing out loud. I especially love the part about going back in time to steal money, but only from murderers. Superosity is off to a hilarious start."
Aric McKeown

"Just a random UFile (User Friendly fan) wanting to say, 'Keep up the great strip. It's got me ROTFL.'"
Tim Schaller

"Superosity looks great.  Keep up that great work!  I am glad to see it's a success on WebComics."
David deVitry

"How can I express my love for this comic strip in simple words? I don't have an answer to that question, but I'll try to put my feelings into words. Superosity is the latest comic strip from Chris Crosby, creator of Snap: The Punk Turtle (winner of this award in May of 1998). Let us get this clear, Snap had me falling off of my chair laughing with it's weekly posting of strips. I'm going to die now, because Superosity comes out every single day! "But," you say, "won't the humor quality drop if it's put out daily rather than weekly?" That's where I punch you in the top of the head and say, "No way! Just read the strip!" It is absolutely hilarious. All the characters from Snap are in this strip. Chris, Bobby, Snap, Boardy, and the rest. They get into many madcap situations. Mind you, I don't know what madcap means, but I assume it's good and crazy. I just can't say enough good things about this strip. Oh yea, it's in color. That's a bonus. Chris's ideas are all fresh, funny, and chalk full of references from Alf to Ain't It Cool News. Chris seems to know his audience very well, not doubting for a second their intelligence level. I truly think that this strip is good enough to give Sluggy Freelance and User Friendly competition. So, why are you still reading this review? Go check out this amazing comic strip."
The Ashfield Award (April 1999)

"Checked out your site quickly...enjoyed the strip. Color too! Wow."
Michael Jantze
The Norm

"Superosity is pretty cool.  Chris Crosby draws with a real sense of maximum goofiness and gives the strip a visual impact few other current web strips possess.  (It doesn't hurt that every episode is in color.)  The main character Chris (and his brother Bobby) already have clear personalities in just two months worth of strips.  Chris just may be the stupidest character I've ever met (we're talking dumb and dumber here).  And yet he's actually charming.  The strip still needs to show that it can sustain funny storylines that don't overly rely on cheap insult punchlines but it is clear that Superosity is getting there (Chris going back in time just to see the premiere of the original Star Wars was especially funny)."
Robb Tanner
Tannline Online

"Superosity is one of the few comic strips on the web that regularly makes me laugh out loud."
Jon Rosenberg
Goats: The Comic Strip