"Best Friend"
March 1-6, 1999
Chris tries to find who his best friend truly is.

"Marlene's Story"
March 8-14, 1999
Bobby helps a classmate to become the most popular girl in school.

"Get a Job"
March 15-20, 1999
Boardy forces Chris to get his first job.

"The First Day of Work"
March 22-25, 1999
Chris starts work at Cool-Ass Internet.

"College Kids Love T-Shirts!"
March 29-April 4, 1999
Bobby and Snap team-up to sell T-Shirts to the students of Super City College.

"May 25, 1977"
April 5-11, 1999
A time travel adventure takes Chris and Boardy to see the original "Star Wars" on opening day.

"Take Your Little Brother to Work Day"
April 12-17, 1999
Chris tricks Bobby into going to work with him.

"Weasels, Teen Idols, and Omnipotence"
April 19-May 16, 1999
The eagerly anticipated feature film "W6: Childish Crazy Judo Weasels 6: Weasels in London" holds a casting call in Super City, as Bobby seeks fame as a teen idol. Guest-starring Corey Feldman, Bill Maher, Keri Russell, Harlan Ellison, Britney Spears, and Hanson. A 28-day-long epic!

"Babysitting Moneybags Richman"
May 17-22, 1999
Chris babysits his multi-billionaire boss' wealthy young son.

"Almost Summertime = Going to the Beach"
May 24-June 6, 1999
The Superosity Gang (Chris, Boardy, Bobby, Giz, and Barton) cool off at the local beach.

"Trading Boardy"
June 7-12, 1999
Boardy overhears Chris trading him for a pair of gold shoes.

"Vote Bob in '33!"
June 14-27, 1999
Boardy learns that Bobby being elected President in the year 2033 leads to disaster, so it's off to the future to keep Bob from becoming Prez.

"8,000 Stedman Graham Books"
July 5-10, 1999
Bobby must pay off a debt, so he once again sells T-Shirts for money. He gets help from his husky new friend, Ramon.

"Rasputin Returns"
July 12-18, 1999
Snap's movie, "W6: Weasels in London," debuts in theaters. Will it be a box office bomb, despite critically-beloved director Forman Mikumacher helming the project?

"Smelly Dog"
July 19-24, 1999
Giz starts to smell, so Chris whisks him off to Groomdog Grooming Center, where he'll be shined up like a shiny new penny and cleaned up real good-like.

"The Janitor"
July 26-31, 1999
Bobby and Hedrick suspect many things about the Janitor of their school.

"Workin' In A Cool-Ass"
August 9-14, 1999
Chris goes back to work at Cool-Ass Internet, where learns what's happened there while he's been away, and meets the new Vice President of the company, Ms. Valarie.

"Stealing From O.J."
August 16-28, 1999
Barton verbally pisses on a customer at the Circle Z and loses his job, so Chris talks him into stealing from a certain alleged murderer so he can pay the rent.

"Show and Tell 2000"
August 30-September 4, 1999
Bobby enters Snap in a high budget Junior High School version of "Show and Tell."

"Lil' Lil' Tots"
September 13-18, 1999

UPN picks up Bobby's animated series as a mid-season replacement series, and Barton is hired on as writer.

"Boardy Y2K"
September 20-October 2, 1999

Boardy fears he has the dreaded Y2K bug! He, Chris, Bobby, and Kato blast off to January 1st, 2000 to make sure he doesn't.

"Inspector Drugged-out"
October 4-10, 1999

The Cool-Ass Internet company inspector forces Chris to give an elaborate presentation or he's fired.

"Life With Moneybags"
October 11-17, 1999

Mr. Richman goes into rehab, so Moneybags comes to live with Chris and the gang.

"Masters of the Halloweeniverse"
October 18-31, 1999

It's Halloween in Super City, and Chris is determined to give Moneybags his best Trick-Or-Treats ever.

"Chris Geeks Out"
November 1-13, 1999

Chris discovers he might not exactly be as "rad" as he thought.

"Goofin' on Andy"
November 15-20, 1999

Andy Kaufman inspires Bobby to become a legendary comic genius.

"Thanksgiving '99"
November 22-28, 1999

Chris takes the whole gang home to his parents' house for Thanksgiving.

"Dust Puppy Power"
November 29-December 4, 1999

Boardy opens an interdimensional portal that snatches a creature named Dust Puppy an alternate universe. A
USER FRIENDLY crossover!

"Fast Times at Super City Junior High"
December 13-19, 1999

Bobby tries to charm the now-beautiful Marlene, but finds it hard with her new boyfriend around.

"Y2K Christmas '99"
December 20, 1999-January 2, 2000

As the gang celebrates Christmas, Boardy frets about the Y2K virus killing him somehow.

"Mighty Morphin' Nanorobotic Exo-Skeletons"
January 3-9, 2000

Chris and Bobby have some fun with their new nanobotic exo-skeletons.

"The Jork"
January 10-16, 2000

Chris is challenged by a strange new co-worker from Sweden named Jork.

"Meeting Paul Fusco"
January 24-February 6, 2000

Chris is contacted by the mysterious creator of ALF, Paul Fusco.

"Cool-Ass Internet and Law Firm"
February 7-20, 2000

Cool-Ass Internet opens up a law firm division, which disturbs Chris greatly.

February 28-April 1, 2000

Bobby accepts an invitation from Lucasfilm to audition for the role of Anakin Skywalker in STAR WARS: EPISODE II.

April 2-16, 1999

Boardy accidently sends Bobby to an alternate dimension, and in attempting to bring him back, instead transports two witty twentysomething girls from the alternate dimension's England. A BOBBINS crossover, featuring a guest appearance by ?'s Professor Ashfield.

"The Janitor's Assistant"
April 17-23, 2000

Moneybags Richman is forced into becoming the Janitor's assistant when he visits Bobby's school.

"The Funnest Volleyball Tournament Ever!"
May 1-7, 2000

A newspaper ad leads Chris and Boardy to the beach to participate in a volleyball tournament, where they meet two very phat friends.

"One Disturbed Wiffle"
May 8-21, 2000

Chris plays a joke on co-worker Lester Wiffle that leads to disasterous results for Lester and wonderful results for Chris. This storyline features the first appearance of Chris's One True Love.

"One True Love"
May 22-June 18, 2000

Chris searches for his One True Love after forgetting to ask her name or address in the previous storyline. Features the amazing return of Paul Fusco, the creator of ALF!

"Bobby and Snap: Celebrity Pilots"
June 19-25, 2000

Bobby decides that he and Snap should regularly pilot small planes in bad weather like other celebrities.

"Love and Fireworks"
July 3-9, 2000

Chris and his One True Love reunite on the 4th of July.

"Weaslin' To Go!"
July 10-16, 2000

Snap feels depressed about being a rich celebrity.

"Fear of Pirates and Other Things"
July 17-30, 2000

Chris and his One True Love's relationship hits a rocky road, but what does Boardy have to do with it? One True Love's real name is revealed in this storyline!

"American Sexys: Bobby's Adventures in the Screen Trade"
August 7-13, 2000

Bobby gets a job writing a TV show called "American Sexys."

"Cool-Ass Internet vs. Our Heroes"
August 14-September 10, 2000

While the entire staff of Cool-Ass Internet gangs up on an annoying Chris, Bobby and Snap get a cease and desist letter for violating the Cool-Ass trademark.

"Avertin' the U.S.-Snapalla War"
September 11-?, 2000

A bored Boardy takes the gang on a mission to avert a war in the mid-30th century between the United States (ruled by a decendant of Bobby's) and Snapalla (a turtle-populated kingdom founded by Snap).