December 14, 2000
There's an abundance of Christmas cards by yours truly online this year! Not only can you send a SUPEROSITY Keenspot Seasons' Keenings Card, you can send two exclusive Chris Crosby greetings cards commissioned by Bigbluespot.com. You can choose from my "Grinch's Cousin" or "Exploding Elf", or two new cards by the genius behind ?, Aric McKeown.

December 11, 2000
Maddie, MELONPOOL's resident feline, has been on the road lately, popping into other comic strips, and us truly received the honor on Sunday.

December 9, 2000
Being an international superstar and an all-around famous person, I now have a daily comic strip based around my exploits (with a smaller focus on the unimportant people around me). I'm sure that within a few days it will become much, much more popular than SUPEROSITY. Um, I mean SUPERATROCITY.

December 8, 2000
I guest-stripped two other Keenspot comics this week: LOOK WHAT I BROUGHT HOME (WARNING: Adults only!) and PENTASMAL. Check 'em out, they're very different than my normal work. Crazily different!

I had the amazing luck to buy a Playstation2 console through AMAZON.com during the 30-second period that it went on sale October 26, and now I'm selling it on eBay! It's a pretty cool system, but I could use the money (and I'd rather have a TiVo, personally...). It's only on sale 'til Sunday, so PLACE YOUR BID NOW!

November 3, 2000
Even more cameo fun! I would've seen it anyway, as I'm a fan of GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT, but a few keen Superositites tipped me off to Chris's appearance in the November 2 strip before I spotted it. Also, Superositite Bryan S. Monks reminded me of an apparent tribute to Chris from way back on August 16 in SOAP ON A ROPE, a great strip that everybody should be reading.

November 2, 2000
Halloween brought not only delicious candy this year, but also great SUPEROSITY tributes in a few very keen strips... In ELF LIFE, elven hero Baughb spent the holiday as his own hero, Chris! The cast of MELONPOOL got dressed up as the SUPEROSITY cast while telepathic dog Sam looked on in horror (this strip is viewable in both color and black and white). Last but not least, two suspicious-looking trick-or-treaters showed up in SPORKMAN way back on October 23rd.

In non-Halloween-related cameo news, Boardy made an appearance in WARP FACTOR 10 on November 1, and the "Make 7... Screw You, Asshole" T-Shirt showed up in NERDZ recently.

October 29, 2000
Characters from my crazy strip (and even me myself!) have been popping up in a lot of other strips lately. I'm just now noticing some of them (and some I just forgot to link to). Here's a sampling...

On July 11, both Chris and Bobby appeared in BURNT DOG RADIO. Chris and Boardy appeared a few times in the Mini-Series Event KEENONBALL RUN. Chris was in the August 30th JOE AVERAGE (along with tons of other Keenspot characters). On September 9, Chris was shown being watched on TV in the syndicated comic strip SPOONER (the Sept. 9 strip isn't online, so you'll have to imagine that one), and cartoonist Ted Dawson also mentioned SUPEROSITY in a CARTOONIST PROfiles magazine article he wrote (I was obsessed with this magazine as a kid, so that was pretty darn keen). On September 15 (my birthday), LOOK WHAT I BROUGHT HOME was devoted to me, while in SPORKMAN a character was sporting my infamous "Make 7... Screw You, Asshole" T-Shirt. My arm was in DROLL STREET on October 2 (where I got all worked up about someone dissing Keenspace, and was also called "Mr. Crosby"!), and Chris made an appearance on October 20 (and was shown to be very mean!). Boardy was in LAZY'S WORLD (part of "Lazy's Walkabout") on October 11.

I'm sure there are others, but due to a big chunk of my old E-Mail being deleted in error, I don't know what or where they are. If you did or saw something SUPEROSITY-related, let me know! I love seeing that stuff.

October 27, 2000
Superositite and fellow ALF fanatic David Tesler has decided to auction off a very rare Burger King ALF puppet. Details on the Message Board. Plus: There's a super-spooky SUPEROSITY pin-up at Hallokeen 2000! It's very frightening! Check it out! (Yes, I'm also confused why I decided to give the ALF puppet auction top billing here.)

October 14, 2000
NEW SHIRTS! Everybody's favorite Punk Turtle, Snap, gets immortalized on an Ash Grey T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, and Baby Doll Shirt (because the ladies love Snap!), and the "Everybody Loves Pie...and I Am No Exception!" T-Shirt comes to amazing life on Ash Grey T-Shirts and Sweatshirts! Plus, we now offer "WWH-MD," my best-selling T-Shirt ever, on tons of new products! GO BUY THEM! Or not. You're keen supreme either way, don't you forget that.

October 3, 2000
On October 2, PayPal started charging a $0.25 fee for each credit card transaction, instead of taking a 1% cut as they previously did. That means if you feed a quarter to Boardy, as so many kind and cool people have done in the past week (30 of you, to be exact), Boardy gets roughly zero cents after PayPal has taken their fee. The whole PayPal quarter donations thing was just a fun experiment for me (and one that pretty much proved to me that honor-system micropayments will never replace banner ads), so I'm not incredibly angry or anything, but I see no reason to continue asking you to donate a quarter now that it just goes right into the insanely wealthy pockets of PayPal.

I'm sure PayPal has a perfectly valid reason for doing this, but I can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed. It was really fun getting E-Mails that said readers had sent me money. Not because of the money (it's just pocket change), but because people cared enough to send it at all (one guy even sent $2.50!). I rarely see that sort of thing directed at my strip, so it made me feel nice. Except for the days when quarters were few and far between, of course. So it all evens out, I guess.

Whatever the case, all of you who read my strip are the keenest. Whether you sent me a quarter or nothing at all. Reading my strip is payment enough, and makes you my pal. My PayPal. Yes, you are the true PayPal. Use your powers wisely, my young PayPal. Did that make any sense? I can't even blame drugs or booze on what I just wrote.

September 25, 2000
I'm sure some of you have noticed that animated button below today's comic asking you to donate a quarter to Boardy's science fund (it was on the archive pages for a few days before this). It's an experiment to see what percentage of a comic strip's readership (mine specifically, because it's the only comic strip that I do) will actually pay cash money, even something as small as a quarter, to help support an online comic. Several things have inspired this, including the micropayment-touting Scott McCloud in his book REINVENTING COMICS, Stephen King's success with his honor-system e-book (75% paid the fee, apparently), Carson Fire's cool shareware ELF LIFE e-book, and the recent solicitation of dimes by BigPanda.net. I personally don't believe in the micropayment system and think banner ads are the best and most reliable way to make a living doing an online comic, but I wouldn't mind seeing some first-hand evidence to the contrary. Especially for a strip with only slightly above-average readership like mine (I currently have about 2,000 daily readers).

If some of you aren't willing to donate quarters to me just because you know I'm co-owner, co-founder, and co-CEO of Keenspot, and you think I probably swim in a money bin like Uncle Scrooge with a giant green "K" on it, forget about that. Though I'm confident Keenspot will be a major source of revenue for me and dozens of other webcartoonists in the future, as of now I have yet to make a cent from my ownership in it. We're not losing money, but I personally am not paid a salary yet for my work on Keenspot or have profited from it yet in any way. So if you like the strip and you're willing, please donate a quarter (or multiple quarters!) for science. Oh, and remember to sign up for PayPal first (it's free, and you get $5 just for signing up).

September 18, 2000
Some people had problems viewing the SUPEROSITY SUPERSTORE, especially if they use Netscape, with it just displaying a blank page. Thanks to Superositite David "gopher" Shea, I think the bug has been destroyed. So if you had problems before, please give it another shot. And if you still have problems, tell me on the Message Board. Thanks! And look for at least 2 (and probably 3) new shirt designs later this week.

September 16, 2000
I'm in talks with a very well-respected book publsher, and the first SUPEROSITY book may very well be out by March 2001 (the 2nd anniversary of the strip)! If all goes well, it should be in FULL COLOR all the way through, and should collect the first six months of the strip ("Best Friend" to "Stealing From O.J."). The trouble is, I'm not sure what to call it. Please help me out by taking this poll. And if you don't like any of the poll titles, E-Mail me your title suggestions!

SUPEROSITY's First Book Title
What should the first SUPEROSITY book collection be called?

Current Results

Also, I really appreciated all the kind words and birthday greetings I received yesterday. You guys are the best.

September 14, 2000
I turn the big (or, um, fairly insignifigant) Two-Three tommorow! Here's a few modest suggestions you can use to celebrate the event....

* Buy a T-Shirt! I debuted the new designs over a week ago, and I've only sold 6 shirts since then (1 of "Giz and Mask," 2 of "WWH-MD," 3 of "Make 7," and 0 of "Fusco"). Were the designs not cool enough, or did the 77 of you who said you would definitely buy at least one shirt flat-out LIE to me? If so, why would you do that? That's not very nice. *sniff* Are none of you cool enough to wear a naked Pauly Fusco on your chest? Scott Kurtz of PvP said you weren't, but I wouldn't believe him. Don't any of you want to prove that crotchety old Kurtz wrong?

* Tell a friend or two or more about SUPEROSITY, and describe it in glowing terms. Having some new readers would really make me feel good. I have surprisingly few. It would actually make you weep to hear the number, most likely! Or at least go "GASP!" like in my comic (which is completely free to read, by the way).

* Post a few notes in my Message Board. It's fun and makes me feel slightly more important!

That's all I can think of. Keep reading. I love you.

September 8, 2000
WWH-MD? T-Shirt! An all-new full color double-sided shirt parodying the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) craze, with much good-natured love for both Christ and He-Man. Go order it now, because YOU have the power! UPDATE: I forgot to mention this, but the shirt was inspired by Message Board regular TheBlackCupid's reaction to the June 10th strip. As a show of appreciation, TheBlackCupid will receive 10 cents from every $1 million dollars net gross profit that the shirt generates.

September 4, 2000
In a recent poll, almost 70 of you said you would definitely buy at least one T-Shirt if I made cool new designs priced at $12... well, it's time! There's three new designs, all way cooler than the previous 3 designs, now available in the SUPEROSITY SUPERSTORE! Two are SUPEROSITY-related, and one is a parody of the popular MAKE 7-UP YOURS T-Shirt. Go buy 'em! They make great gifts! Seriously!

Also, the current Keenspot Mini-Series Event, THE ULTIMATE ASSHOLE, was co-created by me. After you're done buying some shirts, go check it out!

September 1, 2000
A few days ago, I was talking to PvP comic strip creator Scott Kurtz, and he suggested that we swap fan art for fun. I've always wanted to take a crack at drawing his wacky blue troll, Skull, so I gladly accepted! You can see his version of Chris and Boardy down below (or click here), and you should be able to see my take on his characters sometime today at pvponline.com.


August 13, 2000
The first Superosity T-Shirts I debuted last November haven't sold very good at all, and I'm disappointed by that. I want my fans to be wearing Superosity shirts. Wearing a Superosity shirt makes you both a "cool dude (or dudette, if applicable)" and a walking billboard for the strip.

However, I'm thinking the original designs weren't that great and the prices could've been lower, and in that spirit I'm offering up this poll question. Please remember to post your comments on this topic (and the T-Shirt designs you'd like to see) on the "Poll Results" page!

Superosity T-Shirts Question
What would you think if I made a bunch of really cool new T-Shirt designs and dropped the shirt prices from $16 to $12?

SWEET BABY JESUS! I would most definitely buy at least one shirt!
I would buy all of the shirts as a lark.
I would buy a good number of shirts, within reason.
If I really liked the designs, I might buy one or more. Possibly.
Feh. I would rather spend money on 7Up-related T-Shirts.
I'm completely broke and I always will be. Entertain me for free!

Current Results

August 1, 2000

KEENONBALL RUN, Keenspot's twisted version of WACKY RACES written and drawn by LIFE AT BAYSIDE's Curtis Berry, starts today! Chris and Boardy play a large part in the series, as they race off to Las Vegas in their flying car painted to look like an ambulance and hoping to win the grand prize of "twenty large ones." Just so you know, this mini-series exists in a whole 'nother reality and don't effect the continuity of SUPEROSITY none. But it's fun anyways! Check it out.

July 31, 2000
Paul Southworth's terrific
BLACK PLAGUE mini-series ends today, so go check it out. Start from the first strip if you haven't already. You'll find some fun, subtle (and not-so-subtle) homages to me and the Keenspot gang within the story.

July 8, 2000
Chris and his One True Love haven't actually gone to the beach together (yet), but you can see what it would look like if they did
here. It's part of Keenspot's Bikeeni Summer 2000!

June 30, 2000
Let's take another dive into the SUPEROSITY mailbag! ScorpionVM writes: "
Did your e-mail turn into a river of fire when you touched on the issue of deaf people in the comic for June 11th 2000? Or does that only happen to syndicated cartoonists?" Maybe, but all I know is that it didn't happen to me. Either deaf people don't mind the notion that they have superpowers and should be feared and hated for it, or no deaf people read my strip. I hope it's not the latter! I need all the readers I can get.

June 28, 2000
I don't know if this has any actual importance or relavance, but the
"American Association of Comic Art" released their list of the "Top 100 Comic Strips of All Time," and SUPEROSITY was listed at #91! It was one of only three web-based comics on the list (the others were SLUGGY FREELANCE at #67 and USER FRIENDLY at #87), and it actually ranked higher than Matt Groening's masterpiece LIFE IN HELL. I've never heard of the AACA (apparently they don't have a web presence), but it's nice to be noticed, anyway!

June 24, 2000
You may or may not know this, but in between drawing the daily comic strip you all love so much, I co-founded a little online entertainment network called
Keenspot. Well, Keenspot just got signed to a deal by bigtime Hollywood management production company Bender-Spink (which also represents the people who brought you AMERICAN PIE and DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGALO, among others), and DAILY VARIETY magazine announced the deal on page 7 of Friday's (June 23, 2000) issue. So I got both my name and the name of the company that I created in the iconic Hollywood icon that is VARIETY. That's pretty sweet for not even selling a screenplay. That'll be the SECOND time I'm in VARIETY, which is a funny story I can recount hilariously on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." You can read the article here, by the way.

June 22, 2000
A few people lately have wondered when Chris will see his name-still-unrevealed One True Love again. Don't worry, she will return very soon, after she cools down about Chris putting her brother into the hospital via his hot coffee. For now, enjoy Bobby and Snap's wacky shenanigans. They need their time in the strip, too!

June 14, 2000
Scott Kurtz' very good online comic strip,
PvP, turns two years old this week. Congrats, Scott! We've had some connection with PvP in the past (like Chris's controversial guest appearance in PvP last year, and SUPEROSITY being Scott Kurtz's favorite webcomic), so I thought I'd mention it. He's doing an online radio show to celebrate the event at 8pm CST tonight, check that out. There's details in the PvP news section.

June 10, 2000
Reader mail! Superositite Ralph Clark writes "
I hope you're planning for Chris to meet his One True Love. And soon. Us stupid idiots need to believe there is hope even for us!" Today's strip is for you, Ralph! Even though I wrote it before I read your E-Mail.

June 9, 2000
I was watching the MTV MOVIE AWARDS last night, and I saw them give Spike Jonze the "Best New Filmmaker" award for his work on BEING JOHN MALKOVICH. That's stupid. Just about everything good in MALKOVICH was already on the page, in a script by Charlie Kaufman, before Spike Jonze ever got involved (only you were able to imagine it with better lighting and direction). Spike barely even thanked him in his speech. Charlie Kaufman deserves the great majority of the credit and praise that movie received, not Jonze. I don't think you should call someone a "Filmmaker" for directing a movie that someone else wrote on his own. Those two brothers who wrote and directed THE MATRIX are filmmakers (such as they are). Spike Jonze is a director.

Just thought I'd test out posting some of my actual opinions on the Haps (not that I have that many). Feel free to comment on this in the Message Board.

June 4, 2000
Those of you wondering who that strange-looking naked giant is that Chris and Boardy see on the moon in Saturday's strip should check out the
"Meeting Paul Fusco" storyline for the answer.

May 31, 2000
John Myers'
The Mr Chuck Show is having auditions for a new cast member, and Chris is trying out for the job! See him wait in line to audition with some wacky characters here. And if you missed the time last year that Chris tried out as a sidekick on the Mr. Chuck Show, go here and then here.

May 27, 2000
My pal Aric McKeown (creator of the hilarious
? comic strip, which we crossed over with in April) just completed his first animated short film, "Professor Ashfield's Guide To Life"! Please check it out and give it a good rating, so it can rise in the ranks of the Newgrounds portal site, surpassing all the mindlessly violent parodies of children's cartoons, the boring Microsoft bashing, and the incredibly uncreative variations on the incredibly uncreative "Whassup!" commercials. WATCH IT NOW!

May 25, 2000
At the request of a Superositite (or "Superite," as he called himself) on the
Message Board, I've added some quickly-whipped-up banner ad graphics to a new page called LINK TO US. Do you want to make your own Superosity banner ads or buttons? Send them in to me and I'll add them to the page! Yippie!

In other news, a "Childish Crazy Judo Weasels" mention was spotted in a recent SUPER JR. comic strip by R.S. Tanner. That'll give "W7: Weasels in Cyberspace" the publicity it needs to do boffo box office!

May 24, 2000
I'm having some incredibly annoying computer problems at the moment, but it shouldn't interrupt the flow of fresh SUPEROSITY comics. Just don't feel bad if it takes me awhile to respond to an E-Mail, because I can't respond to E-Mail at all right now. If it's an emergency, E-Mail my mom at
TeriCrosby@aol.com. If any wealthy old benefactor who enjoys SUPEROSITY would like to buy me a nice new computer, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I updated the SUPERSTORE site so that you can zoom in on the product's artwork. It opens up in a new window. Check it out. Take pity on me and buy some stuff. Please? I can't even afford to buy some of the products on there, so you can buy them yourself and get satisfaction from the fact that you own something I don't. Besides, who wouldn't enjoy a "Slambo Asscrap" T-Shirt? It's the perfect conversational piece. It will make you look exotic, like Nelson Mandela or Desi Arnaz Jr. BUY SOMETHING!

May 23, 2000
Yep, today's strip is number 450. If it were a comic book, it would have a gold chronium cover polybagged with exclusive Skybox trading cards. That doesn't mean you can't print it out and polybag it with trading cards yourself.

May 22, 2000
I added a daily "Nice Thing Said" box to the left sidebar column so I feel slightly better about myself when I visit the site, and I also updated the main
NICE THINGS SAID page. Go and bathe in the wonder and glory that is people giving compliments!

May 21, 2000
Do you read
HOUND'S HOME yet? It's my favorite comic strip, and many of the better cartoonists on the web also love it (I was lucky enough to draw it on April 1st as part of the April Fools Switch). Get in on this wildly original and frequently hilarious creation early, before all your friends discover it before you and make you look like an unhip fool! Starting from the first strip is a good idea.

Also, please tell all your friends about SUPEROSITY and force them to read it from the first strip. :)

May 20, 2000
Hiya, Superositites! I've redesigned the frontpage slightly to make it slicker and easier to download and navigate. You like? In celebration of this, I'll be posting new HAPS much more frequently (and saying less, because less is more, and so on). Why? Because I love you. Go to the
Message Board and let me know what you think!

March 1, 2000

Exactly one year ago today, a wacky-looking guy in a cape uttered the words "Barton, are you my best friend?". On that day, the world (or more accurately, about 30 people) were introduced to the surreal wonderland that is SUPEROSITY. Since March 1st, 1999, I've written, drawn and published a new SUPEROSITY comic strip on the web every single day without fail. That's 366 strips.

A lot has happened to my characters in that year. They've searched for their true best friends, found high-paying jobs at Cool-Ass Internet, travelled back in time to 1977 to watch the premiere of "Star Wars," become movie stars and teen idols, become omnipotent members of the pop group Hanson, welcomed a spoiled rich child into their home, gone to the beach, been traded for a pair of gold shoes, travelled into the year 2033 to stop Bobby from becoming President, sold T-Shirts to college kids, went to the dog groomer's, befriended an insane janitor, stole money from O.J. Simpson, taken an alternate future Brian "Kato" Kaelin into their home, played "Show and Tell 2000," sold a TV series to UPN, been scared about the Y2K bug, gave drug-filled cookies to an old man, celebrated a He-Man-themed Halloween (and almost had their souls devoured), learned that they might possibly be geeks, imitated Andy Kaufman, spent Thanksgiving with the family, met a ball of lint with feet named Dust Puppy, participated in an attempted school shooting, celebrated Christmas, got new costumes, got their old costumes back, competed for a job with a man from Sweden, met the creator of ALF, become a fake lawyer... and that's just skimming the surface.

Thank you for reading SUPEROSITY, whether you were here from the very beginning, or you just started reading today. I hope you'll all be here for year two, and you'll tell your friends about it, and we'll all be happy. I'm not good at writing these things, so I'll just end by unoriginally saying...you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

January 25, 2000

Inspired by the current storyline, reader David Tesler E-Mailed me this disturbing image of ALF that was sent to him by his fiancée. Whatever the case, I'm sure we'll all have nightmares tonight.

Sorry I haven't written a HAPS in so long, and that the first HAPS of the year 2000 prominently features an erotic photo of ALF. I've been equal parts busy and lazy. I've been bulazy. Or labusy. Anyway, since I'm here, how about looking at some of the cool fan mail I've received lately? I don't put enough fan mail in this space.

Dale Chester wrote "Man, I would nominate your site, to be one of THE best sites on the internet....your comics are funny as.  My favourite is... "So do you have a resume?" .... "I don't understand"....lol, My only complaint...is that I've run out of comics to read.   Keep up the good work man." Thanks, Dale! I understood most of that.

Dave Kelly typed "'Ha Ha Ha!  Feh!' That's what I have to say about this silly comic so far...'Slambo Asscrap!'  Was a funny week. and, of course, those eyes... Bobby!  Stop staring at me!!!"

Reuben King said "I have to tell you your comic is one of the best I've ever seen.  What gets me the best are ones like the janitor story and the drug cookies. heh.. Jork is pretty damned funny too! Keep up the fine work, my friend. Have you ever tried getting your stuff syndicated?" Thanks, Reuben! No, haven't tried submitting SUPEROSITY to the syndicates yet, but I plan to try soon. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

PvP's Toonhound wrote this lovely review: "Ok, this is one wild and wacky strip! Chris Crosby, the artist who draws Superosity, has created a cast of characters that are so hilariously goofy looking that you will begin to laugh even before you have read the first words in the strip! Chris has got to be one of the hardest working fellows in the online comic strip business! There is nothing this guy won't do to promote his site, and all his hard work is paying off! In addition to his daily comic strip (always in full color), Chris' site also includes a lot of other cool things to check out. His recent animated short, PARKEMON, is a great example of the comedic surprises Chris will spring on you from time to time! Chris' great sense of humor combined with his remarkably fun style of drawing make Superosity one of the Internet's best online comic strips! This site is not to missed!"

That was pretty keen, huh? I'll try to put more fan mail here from now on. And now, some news! Film Roman, the animation company that produces THE SIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL, have launched an online cartoon network called Level13.net. My own first animated short, PARKEMON, is one of the debut features on their site! Look for it in Level 4, the Flash animation section.

December 31, 1999

Gosh. 2000. The year is changing, and the first two digits in it aren't "19." That's weird. Don't you think? I thought there would be a lot of strange things in the year 2000. I didn't think we've have jet packs and flying cars, because everybody knows those things don't show up until 2010 or 2015. But I did think things would be very different.

And things ARE different! The internet is changing the way we communicate and think and deliver comic strips to people. There are a bunch of successful animated series on prime time TV (remember when "Fish Police" and "Hollywood Dog" didn't take off, and everyone decided they could never ever duplicate the success of "The Simpsons"?). The President isn't named Bush (this one could change back any moment, apparently). And, thanks to the first thing I mentioned, I'm doing a daily comic strip in full color that thousands of people read and enjoy (well...they read it, anyway).

That's pretty keen. I'd like MORE thousands of readers to read my strip, because I'm incredibly greedy, but this is a good start. I can't think of anything else to write. I'm not very good at this sort of thing. I could be much more witty and touching, but that takes effort. :)

Happy new year. I love you.