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December 15, 2002
You've probably noticed that my weight has basically stayed in exactly the same spot for the past week or so. The reason is that I've been eating about 2,000 calories a day lately, which at the moment is just the right amount for me to not really lose or gain much weight. I guess I've just been extra depressed and extra lazy lately. To lose weight I'll need to get back down to 1000 calories a day and do some more excercise. Which I will do, as soon as I possibly build up the willpower to. Send me some of your spare willpower using your brain's willpower transmission frequency. Thank you.

December 10, 2002
12/15 UPDATE: Forget it, removed the strip for stupid reasons. Help my little brother Bobby fight the evil and creatively mundane forces that currently occupy the top of the "Top Web Comics" list, click here and vote for PUPKIN. The more you click, the better a fat orange ball of fat with a tooth has of continued life. Plus, Bobby's sad about not actually having a movie deal yet, and it will cheer him up if he is #1 on a list of things. CLICK CLICK CLICK HERE HERE HERE.

December 8, 2002
Not only am I under 500 again, but I'm the lowest I've weighed on this diet program so far! Hooray for progress! Now I won't feel so much like the weight I'm losing is a rerun. I had lost that weight I gained already and losing it again was not New To Me(TM). It's all-new episodes from here on out!

December 3, 2002
The last posting was all a joke, and I apologize to anyone it hurt. Bobby Crosby is the SOLE creator of PUPKIN and sadly, a PUPKIN movie has not yet been sold to a movie studio (though I'm 100% sure it will be someday) I was feeling insane and I felt like writing a fake VARIETY article. Sorry. You can stop E-Mailing Bobby now.

December 3, 2002
In June of this year, my little brother Bobby came up with the idea of doing a webcomic about a pumpkin-shaped dog named
PUPKIN. I thought that sounded fun, and I helped him out by doing the original character design (which has only been slightly tweaked by Bobby as the strip has progressed, mainly enlarging the eyes and adding a heart-shaped nose) and drawing the logo. I even put Pupkin in my own strip one day before the actual PUPKIN strip debuted on the web, just for fun. I didn't think it would actually be popular or go anywhere, despite Bobby's constant predictions that it would. It was just a thing to be done for fun, not profit.

For anyone who read yesterday's edition of the Hollywood trade newspaper DAILY VARIETY (or its less popular cousin THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER), that last sentence will seem incredibly laughable to you. For those who didn't, here's text from article I'm talking about...

Dimension pops for 'Pupkin'
Net ani laffer heading to big screen times three, 'Hardball' scribe attached

Ending a fierce bidding war, Dimension Films has acquired the rights to develop and produce three big-budget live-action/CGI features based on Web-animated property "Pupkin" from 21-year old animator Bobby Crosby in a deal valued at high six figures against low seven figures. "Hardball" and "Summer Catch" scribe John Gatins is attached to script the adaption, and a bevy of directors and actors (from "Harry Potter" mega-helmer Chris Columbus to "Everybody Loves Ramond" star Brad Garrett) are eyeing the project.

Crosby created the Web-feature on a whim earlier this year, posting it to just for laughs. The daily animated serial, about a talking, pumpkin-shaped hound dog who attends high school alongside human teenagers and battles zombies and other supernatural nasties, immediately found a wide college-age audience despite controversy generated by a scathing review on popular internet watchdog site

In November Dimension co-chair Bob Weinstein was e-mailed a link to the "Pupkin" home page by friend and comic strip fanatic Ben Affleck, who plays a comic character himself in Fox's upcoming "Daredevil". "Ben told me I would flip over it, and I flipped like a frog in heat, no question," said Weinstein. "'Pupkin' is the most original comic strip since 'Bloom County.' The surreal misadventures of this fat orange dog will make great material for the trilogy of films we have planned."

Dimension is eyeing an October 2004 release for first pic, seeing the Halloween holiday as perfect time to market and release film about a dog who brings to mind a Jack-O-Lantern.

Crosby is younger brother to fellow Web-animator Cris Crosby, who founded online animation site Firm signed with management production outfit benderspink ("Cats and Dogs") in 2000 but deal has yet to bare fruit for the dotcom, which Bobby Crosby and his creations are not associated with.

Crosby was repped in deal by Endeavor and attourney Stan Goldman.

This is why Bobby was late with a PUPKIN strip for the first time last week, and also why he decided to quietly end his second strip GAMING BABIES as of yesterday. Negotiating this deal and starting pre-production on the first film has robbed him of the precious few moments he took each day to create both strips.

Steve Ditko created the look of Spider-Man and Stan Lee created everything else, and Steve credited as co-creator on the SPIDER-MAN. I designed the look of Pupkin and Bobby created everything else, and I should be credited as co-creator on the PUPKIN movies. I don't care about the money, and I am very happy for Bobby's success, but I just want to be credited for my work. Bobby doesn't seem to agree that I'm the co-creator of PUPKIN, so I'm asking you to flood his E-Mail Box and tell him so. Thank you in advance, and see you at the movies (hopefully with my big name on the screen).

November 28, 2002
I've gained 10 lbs in three days, and I feel like CRAP. My back is hurting and I get winded walking from one room to another. I forgot how bad it feels to eat crap and not exercise all day long. I didn't realize how much better I was starting to feel while on this program. I gotta get back there. I start again today.

If I start missing the food, I'm an idiot, because the food is really CRA{. I always forget that when I'm on a diet and starving, but fast food doesn't taste that good while I'm eating it, and right after I'm done I feel sick for hours. It's not worth it! I must remember that.

November 28, 2002
3000 calories consumed yesterday. Gained 4.5 lbs. I weigh now what I did about sixteen days ago. Normally this is where I get amnesia and forget I ever went on a diet so I can continue eating 3000 calories a day. Luckily I have this crazy website now to remind me. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

November 27, 2002
My body must REALLY think it's starving, because I'm eating 1500 calories a day and I'm consistently GAINING weight now. Okay, I'm taking a break from my low-calorie diet until after Thanksgiving (aka Friday), just to see if it helps along my metabolism in any way.

Don't worry, I'm still in this for the long haul. A little turkey and gravy and such for a day shouldn't hurt. And if it gets my body back to early November-level fat burning, any weight I gain from it will quickly come off.

November 26, 2002
I've been hovering between 499.5 and 497.5 for a WEEK now. Mesa no likin' this. It's great that I'm under 500 now, but jeez... this is why it's been so hard to lose weight. Half the time I eat 1500 calories tops, and I GAIN weight that day. Grrr. I should just eat SALAD or something today and see if that helps. Go on one of those crazy diets Jon put Garfield on where he was only allowed to eat lettuce. :)

November 22, 2002
I was recently browsing through the archive of
Al Roker's web journal (yes, even the famous TV weatherman is a blogger), which seems to be used primarily as a place for him copy-and-paste insipid jokes he received in his E-Mail box from friends. He also gives his opinions on the latest big news stories, and this particular entry (which was written about two months before he announced that his dramatic weight loss was the result of a gastric bypass surgery he had in March) got me pretty pissed off.

Al happened to hear about the obese man who's suing the fast food companies, and he just couldn't believe it. He spouted off the standard crap you've probably heard more than a few times from various late night comics (even Conan!), friends, and maybe even yourself. You know, "nobody put a gun to his head and told him to eat a Big Mac, he should order a salad next time, what a fat moron!", etc. And he topped off his crowing achievement of originality with this: "It's not like they're putting stuff in like the tobacco companies to get you adddicted to cigarettes."

Now, I don't know if the fast food companies ARE deliberately making fast food addictive, but no matter what anybody says, FATTY FOOD IS ADDICTIVE. It just is. If you believe that it's NOT addictive, you're WRONG. It might just be the most addictive thing on Earth! If it wasn't, weight loss would not be a $40 BILLION industry. If Al Roker himself was not SO VERY ADDICTED to fatty food, he wouldn't have had a problem keeping a promise he made to his father on his death bed, a promise to lose weight so that he could be there for his children. He was SO addicted to the stuff, he decided on an operation with a 1-in-200 fatality rate (which means about 400 people die from it every year). This guy was such a food addict, he had to pay $55,000 to have his stomach surgically altered so that if he ever ate anything larger than an egg, he could get sick and die. (Would a smoker, alcoholic, or drug abuser ever do ANYTHING as nutty as that?)

And yet, he has no sympathy for a man in his exact same situation he was (with the possible exception of one of them not being able to afford the expensive surgery that made Al thin). They both got addicted to unhealthy food when they were young children. But to Al, this guy's just a nitwit (he actually calls him a "nitwit"!) who made a choice to eat fatty foods. The same choice Al made so often that he needed drastic surgery to stop making it. What a nitwit!

Now, I don't know if fast food companies deserve to be sued, if there's actually a law against what they've been doing. I do know, however, that eating unhealthy food is the #1 cause of death in this country (heart disease kills more people than the next seven causes combined, including cancer), that fast food is addictive, and that fast food companies heavily aim their advertising directly at young children. Smokers, drug addicts, and alcoholics weren't constantly beat over the head with their addictions of choice when they were four years old while watching Saturday morning cartoons. They usually made the choice to start using as teenagers or adults, not young children. Could you imagine if kids TV was constantly littered with ads featuring a cartoon Joe Camel promoting cigarrete packs with free plastic toys inside? (Collect 'em all! Two addictions for the price of one!) I know this might sound crazy, but Ronald McDonald pitching 800+ calorie Happy Meals to kids CONSTANTLY is EXACTLY THE SAME THING. (And as the kids get older, they start pitching 1,500+ calorie Combo meals to them CONSTANTLY, and the addiction continues.)

Luckily, such addiction only affects nitwits, and we all get to make fun of them along with Al "Mr. Willpower" Roker. Yee-HAAA! Let's see what hilarious quip ol' Leno has to say about that nitwit tonight...

November 21, 2002
499.5 lbs. I don't weigh over 500 lbs anymore. For the first time since, like, 1998 or something, I do not weigh over 500 lbs.


November 20, 2002
As I steadily but maddeningly slowly decrease in girth, there have been other items of note to inform you fine folks of. I recently had the pleasure of drawing Jeff Darlington's webcomic
GPF for a day. Also, Chris and Bobby made an appearance in A. Prosser's AMAZON SPACE RANGERS on November 13. Check 'em out!

November 15, 2002
I'm still feeling a lot better about stuff, but the fact that I gained more weight yesterday (1.5 lbs) than I have so far (by 0.5 lbs) is slightly worrisome. Oh well... hopefully this crazy rollercoaster ride will start aiming downward consistently soon.

November 14, 2002
Okay, I'm feeling a LOT better now. Losing 2.5 lbs is what I wanted to see. Your awesome E-Mails have helped me stay the course over the past few days, and I can't thank you enough for that. When I'm deprived for this long of the delicious clown and toy-related food products I've been eating all my life, I get a little nutty. Going that many days without progress just kept putting "I'll never lose weight!" in my brain over and over again. Thankfully, a flood of E-Mails saying "Don't worry, just keep going and it'll get better!" (many of them backing that statement up with sound scientific facts and figures) beat my brain's stupid worries into submission.

I'm also doing some exercise (the dreaded "E" word!) now alongside the diet (the dreaded "D" word!), mostly just walking (the dreaded "W" word!) for as long as I can without my legs turning to jelly and my back turning into a top-of-the-line pain-receiving device. That takes a few minutes (the dreaded "M" word!) right now. Hopefully it'll take a lot longer real soon.

November 13, 2002
Okay, now I've gained a POUND. I ate about 700 calories yesterday, and I gained a pound. Maybe I ate too LITTLE that day (the rest of the diet I've been eating between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day). Whatever the case, my body better get its act together and start burning some fat soon or I'll go quite mad. The fact that I'm the same weight I was four days ago and I've been eating almost NOTHING (compared to what I was eating before, at least) is very frustrating. Me wanna go under 500...

And yes, I know I should probably not weigh myself every day for the reason that this sort of thing drives me crazy, but I can't resist. Not weighing myself every day would ALSO drive me crazy. Anyway, whatever. I'll deal with it.

November 11, 2002
See, this right here is what always screws me up. Yesterday I climb onto the scale (for those wondering, it's an extra-special scale normally used for weighing whales and planets and stuff like that,which is why it doesn't stop at 350 like most scales), only to discover that I have gained 0.5 lbs since the last weigh-in. Despite the fact that I've been sticking to my diet perfectly (which, for those wondering, basically consists of eating about 1,000 calories a day of reasonably healthy food and avoiding all fast food completely).

Yeah yeah, I know (or at least I've been told) that my body is used to eating 3,000+ calories a da, so right now it feels like it's starving, so it has decided to slow/shut down my metabolism, but that eventually things will return to normal and I'll start losing weight again. But still, it SUCKS. It's always resulted in me going crazy and off the diet completely by this point.

Not this time, though. Yay for that.

November 9, 2002
I'm 506.5 lbs right now. It is the lowest I've weighed in YEARS. Since 1999, at least! It seems like forever that I've weighed in at around 530, worked my way down to about 510 at best, got discouraged for whatever reason (usually my weight loss slows down a LOT after I lose about 20 lbs, which is to be expected but still somehow pisses me off enough to quit every damn time) and ate my way back to 530. And repeating said process over and over and over and over and OVER again.

Now I've finally broken that barrier. Only by just a little bit, but still. This is something. It's PROGRESS. And I think you guys made the difference. If you haven't received a thank you from me yet in your E-Mailbox, you will soon.


November 6, 2002
I'll go into more detail later, but I just wanted to quickly say that the response to my "Call for Help" on Monday was AMAZING. I got HUNDREDS of E-Mails, pretty much all of them positive and wonderful. At one point the supportive E-Mails were arriving in my In-Box faster than I could read them! I plan to reply to each one, but it'll take me awhile, so don't think I'm ignoring you! I consider everyone who took the time to write and say anything even mildly helpful to be the best people who ever lived in all of history.

Not only did I get a lot of E-Mail, but when I put my photo and a "Help this guy lose weight!" caption in the Keenspot Newsbox yesterday (it was my turn to go in and I couldn't think of anything better to put on it), this site received more unique visitors than it has ever welcomed in one day. Nearly 8 times more visitors than I receive on the average day. Who'd have thought my ugly mug could get that many click-thrus? Not I. Anyway, it would be keen supreme if some of you newcomers could stick around and possibly even read my little comic strip. It's not nearly as retarded as it seems at first glance, I promise.

Well, there's no possible way I could not keep going now. Not after all this. What have I gotten myself into? :)

Oh, and yesterday I lost 4.5 lbs. Yowsa! (For those who E-Mailed me wondering, I thank you for your concern but don't worry, I'm on a safe, doctor-approved weight loss program.)

November 4, 2002
If you're an extremely avid and attentive reader to this text-filled section of the website that I call THE HAPS, you'll know that I happen to weigh over 500 lbs. You also might know that I'm not a big fan of being said weight. It's not good. It kept me from attending the last two Comic-Con International events (which have sadly fed the rumor/"joke" that
I DON'T EXIST), not to mention an infinite number of other things. I wanna lose weight A LOT.

But I haven't been able to yet. Probably because I'm extremely stupid, but also probably because I've been eating only fast food since I was basically a tiny baby, and it's possible that fast food could actually be just as addictive as cigarettes, beer, and various legal and illegal drugs, if not MORE so. Which, by the way, nobody told me about when I was a little kid chomping down Big Macs.

Whatever the case, the problem is that I haven't been able to consistently stop eating unhealthy foods (we'll ignore exercise entirely for the moment) for any substantial period of time (my diets thus far can usually be measured in days, as opposed to weeks or months). But one thing I HAVE been able to do consistently, even more consistently than eating crap, is draw this comic strip. It's been almost four years now. If I were on a good diet every day that I have updated this site with a brand-spankin' new comic strip, I could star in a movie where rapper Snoop Dogg drinks a potion that makes him very pale (what an awesome movie that would be!).

Why have I been able to be so consistent with a new strip every day, while the rest of the internet is littered with strips that claim to update daily but in reality only offer up a new comic every time the President is stabbed to death with a sharp piece of chalk by a female celebrity? Well, aside from the fact that I generally love creating new comics, I also don't want to disappoint the good people who like my work and wanna see a new strip here daily. I'd feel bad if I didn't have it up for you to read.

So I'm thinking, what if I tracked my weight loss progress on this site? That way, if I fail once again, I'm not only letting down myself, I'm also disappointing the hundreds or thousands of people that have been watching my progress and wanna see me do good. Maybe that little extra incentive to stay on the diet will put me over the top and I'll finally do it. And maybe not. But it's worth a shot, right?

Some people don't think so. When I came up with the idea of doing just that a few years ago, some friends said it was a bad idea, because people will make fun of me or something like that. But it seems like all people DO is make fun of me RIGHT NOW, so screw that shit.

So anyway, that's what I'm doing. There's a weight loss progress tracker thing right below my TV Tips. It'll be there every day. If I'm doing well, you might wanna say "hey you good man" and if I'm not doing well, you can say "oh i disappointed you bad man" (Talking like a mentally-challenged person is optional.)

Oh, and if you have a lot of money or know someone who does, I would appreciate it muchly if you followed the example of Mr. Will Smith. Thank you very much. Wish me luck. I love you.

(And yes, I am saying "Duhhh... me DUMB" in the photo above. Feel free to Photoshop that and other hilarious word balloon captions into it.)

October 31, 2002
Yes, what ARE you thinking, right now? TELL ME YOUR MOST INNERMOST MOST THOUGHTS! I might even reply back! Click on the word
most to do so.

Also, Happy Halloween 2002 to you. What are you going as for Halloween? Again, click on the word most.

September 15, 2002
I'm 25 years old today. Which means this is the post where I tell you what you should do to celebrate my birthday! Along with classics like PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS (I assume you've already told everyone you've ever met how great this strip is) and PLEASE BUY MY
COMIC BOOKS (seven issues out, eight coming soon), I'm adding a new birthday request to the list: SUBSCRIBE TO KEENSPOT PREMIUM. Not only does your subscription to Keenspot PREMIUM help keep Keenspot in business, remove those sometimes-annoying advertisements from each page, and help out financially the Keenspot comics that you read, but there's tons of EXCLUSIVE COMICS CONTENT coming to PREMIUM that you can only view if you're a member. Including some from YOURS TRULY.

SUPEROSITY (including the full archives) will ALWAYS be free every single day, but there's lots of great EXTRA material that I'll be making available exclusively to PREMIUM members. Basically, you'll be able to access just about everything I ever drew since I was a little kid, including hundreds of comic book pages I created between 1991-93 for self-published mini-comics starring characters you know and love like Bobby (see the original BOB CREW in action!), Snap (see him deal with cousins Mikey and Lenny before he became a star!), and Giz (see him do EVERYTHING!). And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You'll also get a daily peek into my sketchbook, the first look at an ALL-NEW comic strip I'm launching later this year (worry not, it will be free to all and SUPEROSITY will continue free and daily), and lots of other stuff I haven't even thought of yet. (I'm taking suggestions!) Basically, if you're a fan of my work at all (let alone the work of other Keenspot cartoonists), a subscription should be well worth the money.

So anyway, if you can swing it, sign up with Keenspot PREMIUM, please. 'Cause I'm launching my PREMIUM site really soon. And whatever the case, please wish me a happy birthday on my board. I'd appreciate it. Thanks for reading, you're the best!

August 25, 2002
It's my Dad's birthday! As a present to each of you, let's all flashback to 1999, when Dad's cartoon counterpart gave Bobby a
funny present. Happy birthday, Dad!

August 19, 2002
The creator of one of my favorite strips, the recently-ended
PENTASMAL, returns today with a brand-new chunk of webcomic wonderment that he calls MEN IN HATS! If you enjoy comics that are funny and original and have pretty colors in them, MEN IN HATS is a comic made specifically for you. Check it out!

August 5, 2002
I don't wanna
talk about it.

July 28, 2002
Yes, it's been more than a year since I missed out on the now-legendary 2001 Comic-Con because I injured my back as I was loading up boxes to bring to Comic-Con. I can't believe it's been a year already.

What has changed in a year? Well, my back doesn't hurt constantly anymore. It got better. Did I lose any weight, as I basically vowed to do in this spot roughly one year ago? NO, sadly. Why? Because I am a big fat idiot. When you weigh over 500 pounds, as is sadly the case with yours truly, some of the fat lives in your brain just to be cool (but what brain fat doesn't know is that it's totally UNCOOL to live inside someone's brain). The influence of the brain fat is why I can't stop eating crap even though it tastes like crap to me now instead of good food like it did when I was a young, impressionable child. Cursed brain fat!

Whatever the case, I should be at Comic-Con this year, so please come and see me and buy the seven issues of SUPEROSITY I've published this past year (subscribers note: more coming soon!). I will sign them for you if you want. If you're wondering how to recognize me at the Con, I'm what you get when you combine Superosity's Chris with Old King Snap. I have created a handy graphical guide to show you exactly what that is (the black area around my face is a thick coat of fur, much like the blue fur growing on X-MEN's "Beast" character).

I will be at the Keenspot booth (#1450) most of the Con, and will be part of the Keenspot panel on Friday at 3pm in Room 4. Be there or be brain fat!

July 19, 2002
It's Guest Week at
GOATS, and I've drawn today's strip. GOATS has always been one of my favorite webcomics and one of the inspirations for starting up SUPEROSITY to begin with, so it was a lot of fun to write and draw Jon Rosenberg's neato characters for a day. I hope you like it!

July 1, 2002
Yesterday in SUPEROSITY you were introduced to one of Giz's favorite television programs, PUPKIN. In real life, PUPKIN is the creation of my brother Bobby (who we all know is the inspiration for the Bobby character in SUPEROSITY). And obviously, Bobby has forced me to link to, which starts running a daily PUPKIN comic strip starting today. It's about a dog who is shaped like a pumpkin and is also orange like a pumpkin. Go.

June 13, 2002
Today's strip is NUMBER 1200. That's quite a lot, isn't it? What's the reward for pumping out 1200 strips, you ask? THE ANSWER: Getting nominated for "Best Superhero Comic" in this year's
Cartoonist's Choice Awards! Yes, I could win "Best Superhero Comic." It's such a very retarded idea that I couldn't pass up accepting the nomination. Sorry, real superhero comics. Ha ha ha...

May 28, 2002
Yes, it's officially official now.
ALF IS MAKING A COMEBACK. You heard it here first, people. I'm not really that into the idea of ALF doing a talk show, though. The relationship between him and Willie Tanner is what I thought made the show great, and is probably the reason I wasn't that fond of either the ALF TALES cartoon set on Melmac or the PROJECT: ALF TV movie starring Martin Sheen. But I guess some talk show ALF is better than no ALF at all. Possibly.

May 18, 2002
Message Board seems to be back online and running like something that runs really good (The Silver Age Flash, possibly)! Hopefully it will be like this forever and ever. Click to post your prayers regarding this hope.

May 4, 2002
Today is
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY in comic stores everywhere, and one of the comics being given away features two pages of SUPEROSITY strips! Run, don't walk, to your local comic book shop and demand your free copy of KEENSPOT SPOTLIGHT 2002! Or, if you prefer, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, or JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES, or TOMB RAIDER, or STAR WARS, or whatever. It's all good. And FREE, too!

April 22, 2002
Congrats to fellow three-year webcomicstripper
BoxJam on his third anniversary! If you haven't read BoxJam's Doodle yet, you are a normal person and should be ashamed of your ugly normality. The web was made for comic strips like BoxJam. And if it wasn't, it should've been.

April 17, 2002
The latest issue of my comic book series,
SUPEROSITY #7, is on sale today, and it's chock full of STAR WARS: EPISODE II fun! Most comic book stores will only be carrying it as a bonus comic book contained within the polybag of L33T #1 (the new gaming comics anthology from Keenspot), but you can order it direct at this page and get just plain old SUPEROSITY #7 (32 pages, 8 more than a normal issue!) delivered by mail for only $2.95.

UPDATED ON 4/22/02: Can't get the comic book in your local comic shop anymore? Go here to find out why.

April 16, 2002
Do you have something to say right now?
E-Mail me and say it.

March 17, 2002
Happy birthday to Teri Crosby, SUPEROSITY colorist extraordinare, Keenspot mother figure/CFO, and birtherer of ME! Oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. Rub the background color of this webpage all over your body and you may enjoy a pinch-free day.

March 16, 2002
Board now has a new URL. And it's crazily grey now. It looks like Boardy's lab. If that's not a reason to post a message there, I don't know what is!

Did you guys see the new SCOOBY-DOO movie trailer? It basically looks like the best movie ever made, except for the fact that there was NO SCRAPPY IN IT! How the hell does that happen? Maybe they're keeping his design under wraps like Godzilla or something. Here's hoping the movie does real well and Scrappy-Doo gets his own spin-off movie, ala THE SCORPION KING or the long-discussed CATWOMAN movie. PUPPY POWER!

March 1, 2002
Today is overflowing with goodliness! Not only is it the 3rd anniversary of SUPEROSITY, which is simply CRAZY (1,096 strips!), it's also
FÜHRER FRIDAY, a special day when me and some of my favorite cartoonists make fun of history's biggest asshole.

PLUS, Superositite-with-Honors Justin sent me a neat photo of a CHRIS figurine that he made! Lookit it! It looks keen! ALSO, I changed the color scheme of the site from blue/black to green/black in honor of Year Four, and I think it looks pretty snazzy.

I hope you have a great SUPEROSITY 3rd anniversary/FÜHRER FRIDAY, Superositites! Thanks for reading! I love you all as much as I hate Hitler. Which is a whole lot!

February 25, 2002
If I made some T-Shirts that look like the Lil' Board shirt Bobby was selling in
Sunday's strip, would you order it? If so, would you rather buy it for $15 or get it FREE when you order a 12-isue subscription to the SUPEROSITY comic book ($28)? Send me your thoughts by E-Mail and let me know, thank ye. More than a few people have asked me for one already, and I think it'd be pretty cool.

February 13, 2002
It's a little bit late, but SUPEROSITY #6 (the 6th SUPEROSITY comic book!) is in stores today and shipping to pre-orderers this week. I think it just may be the best issue yet, and not only because it features classic storylines like "Mighty Morphin' Nano-Robotic Exo-Skeletons" and "The Jork." There's also an all-new 3-page story written and drawn by ME (with inking assists by Bobby)! It's sort of a "WHAT IF?" story that answers the eternal question "What if Chris and Bobby kept their nano-robotic exo-skeleton costumes and became real superheroes?" This particular tale concerns CHRIS2K (Chris's superhero identity) and BOBBY, BOY TEEN IDOL trying to help the poor children of local ghetto Murder-Suicide Slum, as well as battling the most horrible villian in their Rogues Gallery, THE DISCOMBOBULATOR. You can only read this story by buying or stealing a copy of
SUPEROSITY #6. You may do the former by clicking here.

Or you could buy it at your local comic shop, assuming they carry it (and that's a darn big assumption!). If they don't, please punch them in the heart for me and then ask them nicely to carry it and other fine Keenspot titles. Thank you in advance.

February 9, 2002
Ever since I asked you kind Superositites for your thoughts on a bunch of things, I've been flooded with them, and it's been GREAT. The increased amount of kind words I've received on a daily basis from you folks has made me roughly 30.5% happier than normal, and I thank you for that. If I haven't responded to your E-Mail yet, I apologize, but there's a lot of them and I'm incredibly lazy. Don't think it wasn't appreciated, though. And feel free to
send me more of your thoughts. Or post on the Board. Both are ego-gratifying and lovely.

Oh, and check out Jeff Rowland's new comic, WIGU. It's very good.

January 16, 2002
How you been likin' the strip lately? Is it still pretty funny? What'd you think of Chris's great-times-eleven grandfather Michael? Should he be a regular cast member? Do you want to see more or less of Arcadia? Should she and Chris get married or should that never ever happen? I value your thoughts (unless you're a meanie), so
send 'em on over.

January 10, 2002
You might not have noticed, but
Keenspot (the company that brings you this very comic strip, and many of the web's other strips) has had an official sponsor for the past month or so by the name of SKOTOS (see their name at the top of the page in that little header bar?). They're an extremely cool online multiplayer interactive fiction gaming site, and they're hoping to get a good enough response (in the form of free trial sign-ups) from their sponsorship of us that they can continue to sponsor us indefinitely. That would be a very good thing, because it keeps our bandwidth costs paid, thus keeping our strips online, and thus keeping the entire population of the world from constantly crying.

So how's the response been? Pretty darn good, apparently, but at the moment we're still about 300 free trial sign-ups away from making the benchmark that SKOTOS set for us, and we need to get those 300 by January 15. That's six days away. If only a small percentage of you good folks reading this take the time to sign up, we'll be there with bells on.

So anyways, I'm asking you nicely, would you mind signing up for a free trial at SKOTOS and listing "Keenspot" as the place that sent you? It only takes a minute or two, you get to have some fun playin' one of their three fun games, and everyone in the world will continue to laugh instead of cry. How 'bout it? Thank you in advance. I love you.